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    현재기분 2007. 4. 2. 12:59

    daring duck of mystery, champion of right
    swoops out of the shadows darkwing owns the night
    somewhere some villain schemes but his number's up.

    (three - two - one 뒤에 뭐라고 하는거 같기도 하고..)

    Darkwing Duck!(when there's trouble you call ????? 잘 모르겠음)
    Darkwing Duck!(Let's get dangerous)
    Darkwing Duck!(Darkwing, Darkwing Duck)

    cloud of smoke and he appears,The master of surprise
    who's that cunning mind behind The shadowy disguise

    nobody knows for sure bad guys are outta luck!
    --??????? here comes

    Darkwing Duck! look out!(when there's trouble you call ????? 역시 잘...)
    Darkwing Duck!(Let's get dangerous)
    Darkwing Duck!(better watch out you bad boys)
    Darkwing Duck!

    영화 대사보다는 역시 만화주제곡이 좀 쉬운듯 ;;
    지금 생각해보면 예전에 KBS 디즈니 만화동산에서 틀어줬던 번안판 주제곡이 번역센스가 참 좋았습니다.(다 기억나진 않지만..)
    의역을 하면서도 본래의 뉘앙스(?)가 남도록 한 것이...

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